🔴 oh you're sleepy? here's a stream! ⭐ mobile legends shinmen takezo live

🔴 OH YOU'RE SLEEPY? HERE'S A STREAM! ⭐| Mobile Legends | Shinmen Takezo Live KARRIE | Ultra Fast Speed Guide #16 | Shinmen Takezo | Mobile Legends Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations ft Reaction Time Infinite and Dangmattsmith Would You Rather RIDDLES to test Survival [EP3] When You see This Team Combo Invalid? or Play? 17hours to be Mythic With 86%WRㅣMobile Legends What Happens if you HACK Missingno Into Every Pokemon Game? Trapped in My TESLA for 24 HOURS! - Car Challenge Minecraft: SPIKEZILLA CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game Mobile Legends WTF | Funny Moments Episode 139: Moskov and Savage Top 10 INAPPROPRIATE Moments in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon | Pokemon Innuendos Try Not To Say WOW Challenge... (IMPOSSIBLE) Mobile legends: Noob team! Season 1 (CARTOON COMPILATION) 🔴 WAKE UP! ITS TIME TO SLEEP! ⭐| Mobile Legends | Shinmen Takezo Live
  • 🔴 oh you're sleepy? here's a stream! ⭐ mobile legends shinmen takezo live

  • Do not add me through the game as it is FULL or i need the spaces for giveaways

  • **My Rig / Device Specs**

  • Internet: PLDT Fibr 20mbps

  • Devices:

  • Ipad 9.7

  • Asus ROG Phone

  • Bluestacks 4 Android emulator on PC

  • PC:

  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6 core 3.2ghz

  • GPU - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

  • RAM - DDR4 16GB (x2 8gb)


  • KEYBOARD - Razer Blackwidow Ultimate edition

  • Mouse - Razer Naga Trinity

  • Headset - Razer Krakken

  • Mic - Generic Condenser Mic

  • Do I play Android games on PC? yes. with Bluestacks 4 Android emulator

  • What recording software do I use? OBS + Bluestacks or OBS + Airserver

  • What editing software do I use? Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

  • Where do i make my awesome thumbnails? at www.canva.com


  • FAQ About me:

  • I'm from the Philippines and 100% Filipino

  • Most of my videos are currently about Mobile Legends but you can find me playing other games too!

  • I would love to speak in tagalog but the majority of people who watch my channel are from all over the world so please understand that I have to, and want to speak in English for this reason.

  • **Chat Rules**

  • 0. Please chat in the language that everyone understands = English. So everyone understands what you're saying.

  • 1. Be nice. no need to argue with others in the stream.

  • 2. No need to request for a skin as there will be giveaways during schedule streams (tuesdays PH)

  • 3. Avoid racist talks, religion, and even politics. No one wins.

  • 4. Don't spam

  • 5. No advertising or posting links

  • 6. Please respect everyone and listen to the moderators including the streamer

  • If u wanna play custom games then add me through my fb account link-


  • Discord:


  • or if you heb monnies:


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  • Welcome and enjoy your stay!

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